Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pet Love

Harriet Ziefert celebrates creativity and the bond between pet and owner in her new book My Dog Thinks I'm a Genius. When a little boy paints a masterpiece he's certain that his dog thinks he is a genius. Little does he know that his work of art has inspired his pooch to do some creative painting of his own! When he comes home and his dog isn't waiting for him, what will he find? What has his dog been getting into alone in his art studio? Check out this enjoyable new picture book from Harriet Ziefert to find out!

This book is a great tie in to a free painting or coloring day during craft time! It's great to give kids the opportunity to just be creative now and then, and not have a project with specific instructions or a coloring sheet with line to color inside of. Free coloring and painting is also good for building fine motor skills and laying the foundation for writing later on.

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Quilt Walk

Sandra Dallas is a local Colorado author and her new book, The Quilt Walk, is her first book for juvenile audiences and does not disappoint. It tells the story of young Emmy Blue, her family, and their journey from western Illinois to the gold-rush boom town of Golden, CO in the mid-1860s. While saying their good-byes to loved ones in Illinois, Emmy's grandmother gives her a small package with a warning not to open it until they are across the Missouri River. When she opens it, her heart sinks. It is pre-cut pieces for a log cabin doll's quilt. Emmy Blue hates to quilt, she tries to think of any excuse she can not to finish her quilt.

Will she complete the quilt and maybe even learn to love quilting? Will her family make it safely to Golden? What adventures will she encounter while in the wagon train? Anyone who likes the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, playing Oregon Trail on the computer or with an interest in Colorado history is sure to enjoy this book. It's a great book for a family read aloud or for independent reading. Check it out!