Monday, April 18, 2011


The Jewish holiday of Passover begins tonight at sundown and will continue for the next week. Here are some great books for Jews and Gentiles to share with their families about this tradition.

The Story of Passover by Norma Simon
This book is great for elementary aged children. It explains the story of the Passover, Exodus and Diaspora as well as all the different parts of the seder. Though it is intended more for gentiles and converts who have not grown up with the tradition, Jewish families might find it helpful in explaining the importance of the holiday to younger children. The book even includes recipes and craft ideas!

The Magician's Visit retold by Barbara Diamond Goldin
This is a fun story of a Passover miracle granted to a poor but faithful couple.

Miriam's Cup by Fran Manushkin
This story is another good one for elementary aged children. It tells the story of slavery in Egypt, Passover and the Exodus from the perspective of Moses' older sister Miriam. An empowering story for girls of all faiths.

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