Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Santa

Today's highlighted book is: Dear Santa: The Letters of James B. Dobbins complied by Bill Harley

This book tells the story of hockey loving big brother, James Dobbins, as told through his own letters to Santa in which he tells St. Nick of his difficulty with being nice to his sister, his strong desire for all things hockey, a rink in the back yard would be amazing, and how sorry he is for the bad things he's done in the past year. One particular touching moment happens when James gives his teacher her Christmas present and then confides in Santa how much fun it is to give to others and see their faces when they receive your gift. An endearing book, great for sharing.

Similar Titles:

Write a Letter to Santa

There's not real instructions required for this activity - just make it fun! You might consider including: Christmas stationary, special Christmas stamps (The USPS has made evergreen seasonal Forever Stamps this year), stickers, rubber stamps, glitter and sealing it all up with some sealing wax before mailing it off to Santa! (I love Nostalgic Impressions for sealing wax and seals).

One suggestion I do have might be to include a thank you within the letter and requests for gifts for needy children, especially if your family sponsors a child. And if you don't sponsor a child, you might consider it, even if just for the holiday season, through organizations like The Angel Tree, Salvation Army Angel Tree or Operation Christmas Child.

Also, if you want to be really green and not use paper to send Santa a letter, you can Email Santa.

Happy Holidays!

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