Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dinosaur on Hanukkah

Today's highlighted book is: Dinosaur on Hanukkah by Diane Levin Rauchwerger

This books tells the story of a little boy and a dinosaur friend who comes to celebrate Hanukkah. The dino is no native to the traditions, but he tries with his best intents to celebrate, though he is not always successful and sometimes makes a rude and messy house guest. Still, boy and dino have a good time and the little boy even invites Dinosaur back for Shabbat! All in all a cute story and one children of all faiths can enjoy.

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Tonight is the eighth and final night of Hanukkah. If you have Jewish friends, why not make them a Happy Hanukkah card? You can incorporate the traditional colors of Hanukkah, and the flag of Isreal: Blue and White, into your card as well as the symbols of the Menorah, Dreidle and Star of David.

If you don't have any Jewish friends, then check out your local Jewish Community Center to see if they do a public menorah lighting that you can attend! Hanukkah is all about sharing the miracle light with the world and many JCCs welcome the opportunity to share their faith traditions with others.

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